Our Mobile Lab

RJ Dental Creations' mobile lab-unit brings our lab to your practice. It is the first of its kind and allows us to have all the necessary equipment and materials at the conversion, so you never have to worry. Your office will stay nice and clean and patients will not have to hear any loud grinding, as we do the work in the mobile lab. The mobile lab-unit is just one more way we make full arch conversion EASY for you!

  • The only mobile lab vehicle in Georgia.
  • We bring an entire lab right to your practice.
  • All the needed equipment right there for you.
  • No loud grinding in your office.
  • Less mess for your practice.
  • We make the process EASY for you.

"Having the mobile lab-unit there at our office has been incredibly convenient and helpful! Lab space was always a concern and now we do not have to worry about that at all."

- Jason Mann, DMD, Macon, GA