Pre-Surgical Phase

We want to ensure a beautiful result for your patients and a predictable and stress-free surgery and restorative process for your team. In order to achieve this, we have a simple process that has allowed our clients and their patients to attain their desired surgical and restorative goals. The process includes our specialized service of coming to the dental practice to assist with various appointments and work as a team with the dentist and surgeon.

We will start with a facial analysis which is the most crucial portion in the entire full arch immediate-load process. It is our proprietary process where we meet with the patient and take exact clinical measurements, find the patient’s goals and frame the new smile. This is our opportunity to get a better understanding of the patient's and the doctor's expectations. With the information gathered in the facial analysis, we can design the parameters for the case and ensure a predictable outcome.

On the day of surgery, our team will be there from the start as we come prepared with everything necessary to convert the prosthesis. Our conversion process is streamlined which makes for a stress-free day for the surgeon and patient.

Post-Surgical Phase

When the time arrives for the patient to start the process for the final restoration, our team will once again be involved in the process to ensure you and your patient have the best experience. After having worn the provisional, we will start with another facial analysis to discuss the patient’s expectations for the final prosthesis. We will fabricate everything necessary for each appointment and the patient will have an opportunity to see a wax try-in of the final prosthesis to approve prior to completion.

Throughout the pre- and post-surgical phase, our office will work closely with you and your practice to coordinate each step to ensure a smooth workflow for all.